Temple Lodge No. 649

A.F. & A.M.

Officers 2018

W. Bro Rob Holden

W. Bro. Steve Bowman 

Sr. Warden
Bro. Nick Campbell

Jr. Warden
Bro. Don MacNeil

Sr. Deacon
Bro. Marc Hubler

Jr. Deacon
Bro. Bryan Wilson

Inner Guard
Bro. Mark Vitelli

Sr. Steward
Bro. Tommy Perrie

Jr. Steward
Bro. Ermin Ramones

Dir. of C.
V.W. Bro. Derek Osborne

Outer Guard
Bro. David Woodley

V.W. Bro Wendall MacLeod

Assistant Secretary
Bro. Mike Goodmurphy

W. Bro. Glen Cain

Bro. Victor Donskoy

V.W. Bro. Allen Price 

Financial Examiner
W. Bro. Colin Sinclair

Financial Examiner
R.W. Bro. Mike Elliott


Masonry is accredited and organized

Our Lodge is a member of the Ontario District, which has 15 member lodges. To find out more, click the "more" link below.

Ontario District

Temple Lodge Quick Facts

  1. Founded 1928

    WM. CM McIntosh was our first Worshipful Master

  2. Charity

    We support the community, including the Canadian Blood Services, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Research

  3. Our District
    We are a part of the Ontario District, headed by R.W. Bro. John Wallace


Our Lodge


We have a beautiful lodge that is adorned with various

Masonic regalia and symbols important to our craft, and

rich in history. We meet for regular meeting every third

Tuesday (and on emergent meetings, usually the first Monday of the month if required). We will have an early banquet which is optional that starts at 6:30PM if you would like to socialize and take part in a friendly meal.